How does a project start?

I want to understand the difference between LED and CFL. What are their benefits?

What I found.

I wanted it to feel like.

I wanted the form to be sleek, but still warm, inviting, feminine, and soft.

This is what the 2015 version looked like. I made subtle refinements to the form.

Prototyping & Vacuum Forming.

I created a series of different sizes, using the lathe to carve egg forms out of 20lb foam. Then I lathered it in baby powder, and did a two part vacuum form using polystyrene (white) , and vivac (clear).

I then carved out the shapes and layered it to get the form, and added lighting between the walls for a glow.

Sketching for Forms.


Bailey Morgan
Brainstorming & Ideation
Bailey Morgan
Sketching & Rendering
Bailey Morgan
Prototyping & Testing
Bailey Morgan
Video Production & Editing
Bailey Morgan
Photography & Editing
Bailey Morgan