How does a project start?


I began by studying Xenith’s Brand Book to understand the Visual Brand Language and copywriting that best describes the company.


The initial briefing asked that we look into different potential sporting markets for the brand. I looked into Tennis, Snowboarding, and Speed Cycling. I focused on understanding the sport, identifying common injuries, the “player fit” (the user type), and the lead competitors in the field.


*Brand book contents are confidential and cannot be shared.

Exploring potential markets.

I was given the market topic of snow.

Making visual styling decisions.

For research, I interviewed experts and went to experience the slopes for myself.

Developing a new brief & identifying key needs.

I focused on two concepts, I went for concept two as my final direction.

I then developed deeper into my ideation sketches.

Prototyping & Overcoming Obstacles.

Finding the right way that this coat could fold, was so difficult! Simplifying it into a paper mockup up helped me to break through this obstacle.

How it Improved & How it Works.

Final Production & Process.


Shortly after this presentation I was offered an internship with Xenith, but I had already made plans to move to Europe and study so I had to decline. Valkyrie was then feature on display at the student exhibition and on the industrial design floor for the next two semesters. Sometime during my time abroad it was stolen and I haven’t seen my jacket since!


Bailey Morgan
Brainstorming & Ideation
Bailey Morgan
Sketching & Rendering
Bailey Morgan
Prototyping & Testing
Bailey Morgan
Video Production & Editing
Bailey Morgan
Photography & Editing
Bailey Morgan